How to Choose the Right Fan for Living Room

How to Choose the Right Fan for Living Room

Whether you are looking for a contemporary ceiling fan with light or one for a stylized formal living room, chances are you will find inspiration with our expert-led buying guide.

Since the ceiling fans are in abundance, choosing the right one could be potentially daunting! 

It is prudent to spend a few minutes because it will be with you for over 10 years if not 15. It is not as simply about the aesthetics!

There are multiple factors involved, instead!

We review ceiling fans based on their decor styles, sizes, and functionalities so you can find one that stand tall over all your parameters!

Let’s discuss them in detail!

  1. Living Room Ceiling Fans: Size

In general, most people prefer larger designer fans in their living rooms than smaller fans in their bedrooms. The right size for you, on the other hand, is determined by the size of the room and the area you want to cover.

Start by looking for fans with a diameter of 54 to 60 inches, which are larger than most. There are, however, much bigger fans on the market that may give your living room a truly "wow factor."

  1. Living Room Ceiling Fans: Airflow

In living rooms, ceiling fans with a bigger airflow are normally necessary because this is a place where the complete family would frequently congregate with guests.

It's also a place where a little extra noise from air movement is less noticeable; for example, a fan is unlikely to be heard over the sound of a television. A fan is said to have high airflow if it produces more than 10,000 m3/hr of airflow.

  1. Living Room Ceiling Fans: Style and Colour

There's no reason you can't have some excitement when it comes to selecting a ceiling fan for your living room. This is a space in the house that you can decorate any way you like to reflect your panache. Ceiling fans come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs. As a result, whether you're looking for something to blend in with your existing decor or something to stick out and make a bold statement, you'll have no trouble choosing a designer fan that suits your requirements.

There are a variety of ceiling fan styles available, each with its colour pallet. As a consequence, you'll be able to swiftly select an amazing ceiling fan for your living room that matches the décor precisely.

  1. Living Room Ceiling Fans: Lights

A ceiling fan with a light may be preferable to a ceiling fan without a light, depending on the lighting in your living room. This substantially expands the range of options available to you.

Are you looking for a warm white light or a cooler white light? Would you like a colour-changing light? Then go to our listings and look for the word CCT. What brightness would you like it to have?

Then you must disregard the light's lumens output listing. After all, if you want an energy-efficient light, LED is the way to go!

  1. Living Rooms Ceiling Fans: Energy Efficient

With mushrooming electricity expenses, nobody wants to splurge and end up buying a standard and infeasible ceiling fan.

While adhering to the sophistication, consider the product’s BLDC (Brushless Direct Motor Current) technology that delivers a considerable 50 percent drop in power usage.

If you can, choose energy-efficient ceiling fans because they will save you money in the long term.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have all of this information, you should be able to pick the perfect fan for your room.

But do you have the time to move from one shop to the next, demonstrating these features? Do you yearn for a simple and hassle-free shopping experience? If that's the case, your quest is over!

Aurum Studio is a premium interior designer service provider that offers an exclusive range of designer fans and exquisite chandeliers, and innovative lighting solutions on automation to upheaval the living experience.

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