About Us

Luxury is the balance of design, in the sense of beauty and highest quality. – Domenico de Sole

The Aurum Studio presents such a luxury as defined by Mr. Domenico de Sole for those who appreciates things that are beautiful.  

A splendid blend of style, state of the art features and innovation explicitly  designed to represent the elegance,  the sophistication that lends the “majestic grandeur” to your dream home it deserves.  An ideal match for any contemporary interior spaces.

Designed with the attention to detail, The Aurum Studio brings to the table an exclusive range of designer fans and exquisite chandeliers, innovative lighting solutions on automation to uplift the living experience.  The premium quality products with the entrancing aesthetic appeal that will envelope you with a sense of pure eminence.

The Aurum Studio is a dream project of Mr. Mohit Gupta and Mr. Rohit Gupta; who are passionate and committed to provide inspirational designer products of international standards to the Indian Market.

Under the guidance of Mr. K.L. Gupta (Founder and Chairperson of Sandhya Lites-1982),  the brothers have learned the trade of illuminating spaces and bridging gaps between consumers and quality. Mr. K.L. Gupta has also instilled the drive to innovate and experiment until ideas, craftsmanship, and tech. comes together to form a unique enduring style.

After all Luxury is living in style everyday!

The Aurum Studio is truly the expression of desire to proudly showcase experience, expertise and excellence in finer things.

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