Is Your Ceiling Fan Making Noise? Here Are The Causes You Might be Aware of

Is Your Ceiling Fan Making Noise? Here Are The Causes You Might be Aware of

Can you imagine a household without Ceiling fans? These are the most essential appliance of every household. It is the most functional appliance in every household. We all are well aware of the benefits of Ceiling fans but can you imagine living under a noisy fan?

Well, that’s absolutely annoying. A noisy Ceiling fan is one of the worst that a household can suffer. The cranky noise of the fan annoys everybody in the house.

The annoying noise doesn’t let anyone live in peace and it also breaks concentration.

The noise from your ceiling fan can get worse with time, thus it’s very important to solve the reason causing this trouble.

Here are a few reasons which cause noisy fans:

  • Dirty blades

This is one of the most important reasons which causes noise in your ceiling fan. The dirt on the blades can weigh down the fan and make your blades out of balance. Dirty blades can make your fan wobble and shake and that causes annoying noise in your fan. Always keep your fan blades clean and tidy. Clean the blades from both sides for effective cooling and to avoid noise. You can clean your fan blades with soapy water with the help of a piece of cloth.

  • Damaged or broken fan blades:

A broken or damaged fan blade is also a very important reason which makes your fan cranky. Thus always make sure that your fan blades are in proper shape and they aren’t broken from any side. Broken or bent blades can shaking noise while your fan is running.

  • Imbalanced blades:

This is another very important reason behind a noisy fan. Imbalanced fan blades not only make noise but also misbalance the whole fan. Sitting under a fan like this is very risky. Imbalanced blades can easily be repaired with a help of a balancing kit. It also doesn’t require much time and is repaired in a very short period of time, nowadays you can buy this balancing kit from your nearby electrical store.

  • Loose blades:

It is very common and natural if sometimes any part of your fan gets loose, but this can cause a very annoying noise in your room. Apart from noise, it can also cause a deadly accidents. Thus it is very important to check the screws of your fan on regular basis. If any of the screw in your fan is loosened, tighten them with the help of a manual screwdriver. Nowadays there are multiple electronic screwdrivers and many other electronic devices for tightening loose nuts and screws.

  • Loose blade bracket:

Blade brackets are an essential part of every fan. A loose blade bracket can also cause a very cranky and annoying loud noise which breaks your peace. These are located where the brackets mount to the rotating part of the fan. These brackets enhance the motor unit with screws and nut bolts. It is very important to tighten these brackets for better functioning of your fan.

  • Lack of lubrication:

Lack of lubrication is one of the most common reasons for noisy fans in general. The interior parts of fans require proper lubrication for functioning properly and thus when they aren’t lubricated properly fans tend to create noise. Although some modern fans don’t require lubrication, but most ceiling fans do require it at regular intervals of time.

  • Loose fan canopy:

The fan canopy is the most important part of a fan because it’s the part where the fan is hanging against the roof. The canopy can get loosened with time, thus it is very important to check it and tighten it if required after regular intervals. Apart from creating noise, a loose canopy can cause a major accident thus it becomes more important to maintain it.

You can fix all these issues from the electrical box that comes with your fan, but if you aren’t able to solve the issue, feel free to call an electrical professional to fix the issue.

The cranky noise of the fan can break the peace of your mind and that will cause massive disturbance in your daily life routine.

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