Tips To Remember When Buying Ceiling Fans

Tips To Remember When Buying Ceiling Fans

A gorgeous ceiling fan is a well-desired finishing touch to all our rooms. It can add so much to the decor's aesthetic while providing comfort. Finding a ceiling fan that meets all our expectations and caters to our personalized living spaces can often be tricky. Hence, it is vital that you properly consider all factors of a ceiling fan. Follow the simple tips we have provided to find an elegant ceiling fan that meets all essential standards.

Six important aspects of buying a ceiling fan:

It would be best to consider several aspects before buying a ceiling fan, for instance, design, size of the room and the fan, material, and, importantly, the ceiling fan price. Let us explore more on these aspects.

  • The space area.

Keep the size of the space in mind as you buy a fan. If the space is bigger, consider buying multiple fans so that the breeze covers the entire room. If you are buying a fan for outdoor spaces, you should get a ceiling fan with a higher power for a stronger breeze as, unlike a closed space, the air in an outdoor space will not rebound back. A rule of thumb is that for a room with an area of about 75 square feet, the fan size should be around 36 inches, 42 inches for an area of 100 square feet, and 52 inches for rooms up to 225 square feet.

  • Number of blades on the fan.

Contrary to what one may believe, the number of blades on a fan is more about design than its performance. A ceiling fan with three blades is a classic fan and performs similarly to a fan with four or five blades. Keep this in mind and choose the number of blades based on what you prefer visually. The more blades on the modern ceiling fans, the higher the ceiling fan cost, so pick wisely.

  • The height of the ceiling.

Consider suspending a fan about 8 to 9 feet off the ground for optimum air circulation. A hugger fan is meant for a smaller room with low ceilings. The space between the fan and the ceiling is minimum.

Most fans can be attached with a downrod if the ceiling is higher. Downrods usually are about 3 to 72 inches long. Remember, the more space between the fan and the ceiling, the better will be the air circulation. If you mount your fan too high, you will not feel the breeze.

  • Good material is vital.

A stainless steel modern ceiling fan is the best option for optimum durability while managing exposure to the elements like dampness, dust, strong winds, and sand. If you want a cheaper alternative, look for fans constructed of aluminum, plastic, or fibreglass. These materials can easily tolerate the elements without warping or corroding. Wet-rated fans should be considered if your fan is exposed to water or rain.

  • Finding the right design.

As important as size and material are, purchasing a ceiling fan online will not be worth it if you do not like the fan's appearance. The fan is a huge part of the room; not only should you like it, but it should also add to the aesthetic and decor of your patio or room.

Always consider the colour first, as it should work with the colour theme already present in your room. Neutral colours are safer options, but if you wish, you can pick a colour to match the rest of the room to make the space cohesive. The design of a luxury fan and the number of blades can also add a lot to an ambiance. Fans with LED bulbs are gorgeous to look at and are also handy in saving some energy.

  • Be energy efficient and save money.

Always choose the motor for your ceiling fan wisely. Low-quality motors are inefficient at cooling the room and can produce a lot of noise. DC motors for fans are the best possible option. These are powerful and also energy-saving. They are approximately 70 per cent more efficient than regular motors. They are virtually soundless, and the fans tend to be much lighter as they are smaller.


If you buy powerful ceiling fans to cool certain areas or patios instead of air conditioning, you can save a significant amount on your electric bill. The star rating is one way to tell which fans are more energy efficient. 

We at The Aurum Studio believe that everybody deserves a luxurious and elegant ceiling fan, as nobody should have to compromise when it comes to the vision they have for their homes. We also provide a gorgeous variety of options for lighting and interior design that will surely accommodate within your budgets and requirements. Shop with us to find the perfect ceiling fan online.

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