How Some Pointers You Must Explore Before Buying Commercial Ceiling Fans

How Some Pointers You Must Explore Before Buying Commercial Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are not just only appliances, their prominence is far more than being just an appliance. No house, office, or any space inhabited by us humans is incomplete without ceiling fans. It's an important part of any space. Ceiling fans are an important source of cool breeze in every space. No residential and office space is complete without ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans are generally classified into two main categories:

Residential Ceiling Fans: these are the fans that we install in our homes and residing spaces. These fans can be found in every residing space. Residential fans are quite small compared to commercial fans. Residential fans have more designs. These fans have two basic mottoes which are looks and functions. These are designed for cooling small spaces.

Commercial Ceiling Fans: these are the fans that are installed in large office spaces, cafes, indoor public spaces, and other business spaces. Commercial fans are more about functions rather than designs and looks. These fans are designed for cooling large spaces. Commercial fans are not small, they are quite large compared to residential ceiling fans. They are designed for large spaces and they are quite more powerful than residential ceiling fans.

Commercial fans are often called as Industrial ceiling fans, but there are major differences between them. Many of us believe commercial and industrial ceiling fans are the same but they are not. The major differences between industrial and commercial fans are:

  • Many people think that these both are used to cool big spaces, yes to some extent this statement is true, but still, they are different. Industrial fans are very loud compared to commercial ceiling fans. Commercial fans produce almost no sound, they are mostly noise free.
  • Industrial ceiling fans are made for warehouses, factories, and spaces like this. While commercial fans are designed for office spaces.
  • Commercial Fans are also quite designer as compared to industrial fans.
  • Commercial fans are basically used for spreading the cooling of air conditioners. These fans are used as the secondary source of cooling in the space. While the industrial ceiling fans are the primary cooling source in that space.
  • Commercial fans nowadays come in many designs and variants.

Now after this brief insight into Commercial fans, here are some important tips to keep in mind while buying commercial fans:

Energy consumption: this is one of the most important things to keep in mind while buying commercial fans. Nowadays many offices are open 24x7 and the fans are also continuously working, thus it is important to check, how much energy or electricity the fan consumes. More energy-consuming fans will cost you heavily on your pockets. Nowadays the modern world is quite vocal about energy conservation and everybody prefers energy-saving fans because these fans not only save a lot on bills as well as they are environmentally friendly.

Correct size: this is another important factor to keep in mind while buying a commercial ceiling fan. You should always choose the right size fan for the space, for good airflow. The incorrect size of the fan can cause improper airflow in the space, thus you should always measure the dimension of your space and then buy the appropriate size fan for that space.

Budget: this is one of the most important things to keep in mind while buying a new commercial ceiling fan. Ceiling Fan Price is the main deciding factor for everyone before buying any product. Thus deciding your budget is prominent before buying a commercial ceiling fan for your space.

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