How To Choose The Best Bedroom Ceiling Fans Within Your Budget

How To Choose The Best Bedroom Ceiling Fans Within Your Budget?

Ceiling fans are a basic necessity of every household. It’s a boon for mankind in summer especially. It is the most functional appliance in every household.

In a country like India, where temperatures are scorching high in summer only, Ceiling fans are the hero saving you from that bittering hotness.

Well, the importance of bedroom ceiling fans is irreplaceable in each household, and thus it becomes very important to choose the best fan for your bedroom and household.

Here are some important pointers to keep in mind while purchasing ceiling fans for your household:


Budget is the prominent aspect to keep in mind while purchasing a ceiling fan for your bedroom and household. Everybody has a budget for spending and thus before planning to buy, just check your finances and set a budget that you can spend for the ceiling fan and then check out the best option in that decided budget.

Size of the ceiling fans:

Finding the perfect size ceiling fan is the most important pointer to keep in mind while shopping for fans. The size of your bedroom will determine the size of your fan. So, first, measure the size of your bedroom and then accordingly look for the options appropriate for your room.

The size of the fan is always measured by its diameter which should always be proportional to the space. The wrong size of the fan can lead to an insufficient and improper supply of cool breeze in the room.

Maintain a proper distance between the roof and the surface

Maintaining a proper distance between the roof and the floor surface in the bedroom is very important because it leads to some very major accidents. Apart from accidents it also leads to improper cooling in the room.

The number of blades in the fan:

Well many of us believe in the popular saying “More the merrier”, but it’s not the same in the case of ceiling fans. You know, in the case of fans more fan blades affect the functionality of the fan. Yes, more blades in the fan might enhance the design of your fan but it will rise the cost of the fan. The performance might not be affected much but the cost will boost up.

Well, generally we see the classic three-blade ceiling fan in each household, they are the most functional and most recommended fans for your bedroom.

An important tip for saving money while buying

  • Nowadays there is a big spree of energy-saving ceiling fans in the market. This category has havocked the whole market and everybody prefers these fans. The main benefit of energy-saving ceiling fans is that they save you a hefty amount in your pocket.

  • Energy-saving bedroom ceiling fans not only help you in saving money, but they are very sustainable too.

  • Many reports from various types of research have proved that energy-saving fans are even good for the environment. Lately, we are seeing the effects of global warming in the form of drastic climate change rise in sea level. Thus appliances like these will help in decreasing the effects of global warming.

The energy-saving concept is one of the best and most important aspects that you all should keep in mind before buying a new ceiling fan for your household.

Other benefits of ceiling fans:

  • Apart from providing cooling, ceiling fans also help in giving your bedroom an exquisite look.

  • Ceiling fans set a beautiful tone for your bedroom. This is one of the most important appliances that are functional and decorative at the same time.

  • Nowadays, designer ceiling fans has become one of the most buzzing product in the market.

These designer ceiling fans enhance the beauty of your simple bedroom.

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