Planning On Buying A Chandelier Ceiling Fan? Check Out These Tips To Select The Perfect Model

Planning On Buying A Chandelier Ceiling Fan? Check Out These Tips To Select The Perfect Model

Modern consumers don't just purchase unique ceiling fans for their practicality. The appliance has been updated with cutting-edge technology, a chic look, and better functionality to serve as the living room's fashion statement. As a result, when you glance up to view your unique ceiling fans, make sure they have the particular qualities that complement your opulent and aristocratic lifestyle. Consider your home's style and colour scheme and any unique features you'd like in your new fan.

Why Go For Chandelier Ceiling Fans?

Installing chandelier ceiling fans in your living area has several benefits beyond merely creating a pleasant breeze. The unique ceiling fans with chandeliers will give your living space a regal, beautiful appearance. Since it combines both, you do not need to buy fans individually.

Magnificent designer fans are evolving in custom-built homes. High-end models are making fashionable statements as they become more trendy. At The Aurum Studio, we go out of our way to assist you in selecting unique ceiling fans that rank highly in terms of style and energy efficiency.

Tips For Finding The Best Chandelier Ceiling Fan For Your Home

Choosing the ideal chandelier ceiling fan for your living space cannot be easy. You must also consider the fan's size, the number of blades, the CFM ratings, the mounting options, and if it can be turned around. You can use the helpful advice we've compiled to pick the ideal and unique ceiling fan and chandelier for your living space.

Understand the restrictions of your living space before embarking on a full-blown buying spree. Consider these tips before you buy a chandelier ceiling fan:

  • Measure The Size

An awkward-looking chandelier ceiling fan is just the beginning of the problem. It might result in a wind tunnel instead of the pleasant airflow you desire, or it might not provide enough air volume to make a difference. You must measure your room before going shopping for chandelier fans. Also worth noting is that most modern chandelier ceiling fans have four or five blades. Fewer blades mean less drag on the fan motor, which increases energy efficiency and goes beyond aesthetics. They also produce more airflow.<

  • Select Your Mounting Methods

In addition to room surface space, you must also consider ceiling height. Generally, the chandelier ceiling fan's bottom should be at least seven feet from the ground. Aim closer to ten feet in height for higher ceilings. A modern ceiling fan might not be ideal if your living room ceiling is just about eight or nine feet high. Instead, choose a fan that mounts flush with the ceiling and has a low profile. Your mounting options will change based on the height of the ceiling. You'll have extra room above and below the chandelier in rooms with higher ceilings.

  • Select Your Lighting

The airflow from your chandelier ceiling fan improves ventilation and air circulation. Additionally, it provides light. Examine the amount of light that is currently present in your living area before you begin buying. Consider other light sources, such as daylight that enters through windows, accent lighting provided by decorative lamps, and ambient lighting provided by other fixtures. Also, take into account how your family uses the living room.

Brighter lighting could be preferred if you utilise it for tasks that call for great detail. Bright lights may provide too much glare when watching TV in the living room. Installing a dimmer for your chandelier is a viable solution. By doing this, you can create lovely thematic lighting based on your requirements. Installing a dimmer for your chandelier might provide you with the ideal balance that you're looking for.

  • Select the Required CFM Rating

The airflow your living room requires should also be considered when choosing a chandelier ceiling fan. Fans have a cubic-feet-per-minute (CFM) rating that indicates how much air they can move in a minute. The size of your living room will determine what CFM rating you should aim for.

Cool Your Space With The Aurum Studio

Unique ceiling fans are an essential part of aesthetics and home decor that do more than provide cool air. Select modern ceiling fans that enhance the overall design while boosting the decor. A small chandelier-style light is located in the centre of chandelier ceiling fans, adding sparkle and glamour to any space. Select from a single-tiered or multi-tiered chandelier. If you want something incredibly eye-catching, use a "fandelier," which places the fan blades inside a casing covered in crystals.

The unique ceiling fans from The Aurum Studio are beautiful. We enjoy helping you add a personal touch to the space of your dreams. Whether installed in the living room or the kitchen, our exquisitely made contemporary ceiling fans will add a refreshing breeze and completely transform the room's appearance.



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