Winter Is Coming! Here Are The Maintenance Tips For Your Ceiling Fans

Winter Is Coming! Here Are The Maintenance Tips For Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are the most essential and prominent appliance in every household. No household can sustain itself without ceiling fans. These are the prominent source of cool breeze in every household. Ceiling fans make your life easy during the summer.

From our bedroom to the living room to the kitchen ceiling fans are everywhere. Apart from comforting our lives in the summer, Ceiling fans also enhance the beauty of our households.

Nowadays, there are many designer ceiling fans in the market which are very functional and exquisite in looks at the same time.

Well, now after scorching summers we are entering the winter season, and usage of ceiling fans will be minimal in our households now.

Ceiling fans are used less in winter as compared to summer, but they require proper maintenance during that period.

Many struggles in maintaining, ceiling fans in winter. Many find it a bit tough, but no worries we are here to help you with this.

Here are a few easy tips for maintaining your ceiling fans in winter:

  • Clean your fan: cleaning your ceiling fans is a very important thing in general. Start cleaning your fan with a brush and then with soapy water and a cloth. Dust and dirt on fans impact badly on the functioning of your ceiling fans.

  • Clean the blades of your fan, because are they the main source which pushes air into the room and thus clean blades are very important. Clean blades will help you avoid dirt and dust flying into your rooms. 

  • Apart from cleaning the blade, also clean the motor of your fan with the help of a vacuum. The motor is the most prominent part of the fan and thus it’s important to keep your motor away from dirt and dust.

  • Tighten all the screws: we all know that ceiling fans are made after combining multiple parts, thus it is very important to tighten all the screws in your ceiling fans. Loose screws can cause a major accident. Always check the screws of your ceiling fans at regular intervals to avoid any mishappening at your house.

  • Lubricate your fans: lubrication is a significant thing in many ceiling fans, although nowadays many new fan models don’t require lubrication. But many models require lubrication, which enhances and smoothens the functionality of your ceiling fans.

Well, do you know that you can use your ceiling fans in Winter as well? Many might be amused to know this but yes it's true and this is very beneficial as well.

There is a very common belief that ceiling fans are only used in summer seasons, but we are here and bursting this myth.

Here are some benefits of using ceiling fans in winter:

  • Change the direction of your fan: in the summer season ceiling moves counterclockwise because it enables a cool breeze into the room but in the winter change the direction of your fans to clockwise. Then it will work the opposite and instead of pushing a cool breeze, it will push warm air into the room.

  • Beneficial for the environment: many of you might be amused to know that using ceiling fans in winter is very good for the environment. Yes, many researchers have confirmed that this helps in putting a positive impact on our environment. Global warming is the biggest threat to the world nowadays and thus minor steps like these can help us a lot in fighting against Global warming.

  • Energy conservation: this is very amusing for many, but it's true using ceiling fans in winter saves a lot of energy. Many researches have proved this and thus it’s a great step toward energy conservation.

  • Better airflow: airflow is one of the most critical functions that we all look for in a ceiling fan, thus using fans in winter enhances the airflow, which is very beneficial for you.

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