How to Take Care of Your Kitchen Ceiling Fan And Save Them From Grime?

How to Take Care of Your Kitchen Ceiling Fan And Save Them From Grime?

A ceiling fan is a must for every household, and nowadays it’s a must in every kitchen too. Now many of you must be wondering why a ceiling fan is needed in a kitchen, well there are multiple benefits of a ceiling fan in a kitchen.

The benefits of having a fan in your kitchen are as follows:

  • Keep you breezy: well we all love to eat delicacies, but the struggle in the kitchen is only known by the person who is cooking in the kitchen, the temperature in the kitchen is quite high than in other rooms. The stove is the prominent reason behind the hot temperature in the kitchen, the high temperature causes a lot of trouble for the person cooking, and thus ceiling fan can be so helpful. It will produce a cool breeze in the kitchen which can so refreshing for the cook.

  • Removes odor and bad smell: it’s very common sometimes food getsburned while cooking and it’s not a pleasant smell. A ceiling fan helps in removing the smell from your kitchen. Although now many of you might say that smell can be removed by opening the door or window of your kitchen, no doubt this will also remove smells from your kitchen, but this will take a lot of time and by then your whole house will be full of bad smell of burning.

  • Keeps mosquitos and parasites away: mosquitos, parasites, and flies are a big problem we all face in our daily lives, especially in the summer and rainy seasons. Fans can help you a lot in removing flies and mosquitos from your kitchen.

Ceiling fans are mandatory things in every space. It’s one of the main appliances that are important in your residential space as well as your workspace. Well by now you all must be insightful about the benefits of ceiling fans in your kitchen, now the main question arises how to keep your fans clean and grime-free?

Keeping your fans clean and saving them from getting grime is one of the most asked questions by many of us. Many also find it tough to clean fans. Well, the answer to this is no cleaning fans isn’t avery tough task to do, and keeping fans clean from dust and grime is also a not tough task to do.

Well here are some helpful tips for cleaning your kitchen ceiling fans:

  • Clean your kitchen ceiling fan with a fan duster regularly. You know regular cleaning of your ceiling fan can save it from getting dirty and grimes. While cleaning it, wrap your face with a good mask, to protect yourself from the dust coming down from your fan.

  • You can also clean your ceiling fan with a pillowcase, well many of you might be wondering how? Well cleaning a ceiling fan with a pillowcase is one of the easiest and most commonly used ways to clean ceiling fans. You just a need pillowcase and wrap it over the blades of your fan and then pull it down, do this with each blade and see the miraculous results.

  • Even after regular dusting sometimes we see some grease and grime getting stuck to the blades of the ceiling. These stains of grease and grime aren’t pleasant it destroys the look of your space. Thus to remove these stains and grimes, you can clean the blades with white vinegar, baking soda, and water. These both are greatly known for removing sticky stains and they will also make your fans look new.

Apart from all these benefits of ceiling fans, there is another undeniable feature of a fan which is, it beautifies your room. A perfect fan sets the vibe of your whole room. You know fans are not just appliances for cool breeze anymore, nowadays it is one of the most essential for decorating your room too.

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